Sreemangal Tour

Sreemangal Tour
Room Features

SpotLawachara Rain Forest, Madhabkunda Waterfall, Hakaluki Haor, Rema-Kalenga Forest, Shatchari Forest, Habiganj, Sreemangal Tea Factory and Tribal Villages
Duration:4 Days 3 Nights
HotelOne Bed Room (Full Furnished)
Meal4 Days Breakfast
TransportAC Minibus
Guide LinerYes

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Sreemangal - The tea capital of Bangladesh
Sreemangal, The Tea Capital of Bangladesh, is a picturesque hilly area covered with tea estates, lemon groves and pineapple gardens. Miles after miles, Sreemangal Tea Estates form a green carpet on the sloping hills. A large portion of world's highest quality tea is grown and exported from Sreemangal, hence it is called the tea capital. But there is more to Sreemangal than just tea. Sreemangal is a magical world famous for nature, forests and wildlife, which makes it another prime Bangladesh Eco-Tourism Destination. Here it is possible to look around and not see another human being.