About Us

Our Mission


            All in One stop for total travel solution. To be the undisputed leader in the Asian Tourism & Hospitality industry.


            The four guiding principles below represent the key values of our organization that we continuously nurture.



            1. We listen actively, communicate openly and value feedback.
            1. We are open and honest in our dealings and foster a climate of trust and support.
            2. We encourage creativity and constantly challenge the status quo.


            1.  We seek ideas and accept input from a range of sources around the world.
            1. We know and value individual abilities and utilize these in improving team contribution.
            2. We foster a diverse workforce from different location.
            3. We believe in the contribution that people can make and invest in the best.


            • We provide our people with accountability, responsibility and the resources they need.
            • We actively encourage exposure to our people to reach their full potential.
            • We provide role clarity and set maintain standards.
            • We encourage an innovative creative environment.
            • We celebrate and reward the success of our staff.
            • We constantly challenge the way we do things.


            To continue establishing regional Babylon Tours & Travels offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas as well as develop the most competitive and comprehensive range of products and services with sufficient allocations in each territory to meet the requirements of our customers locally and globally.


            • Our Aim is to:
              Exceed respective market expectations.
            • Develop products and services to meet respective market requirements.
            • Provide user-friendly online systems.
            • Deliver the highest quality of service.
            • Maintain excellent communications.
            • Be accessible at all times.
            •  Maintain neutrality and not compete with our customers.
            • Help our customers business to grow profitably.
            • Support the Babylon Tours & Travels network.
            • Respect and honour designated partners terms and conditions.


Our Accommodation


Dhaka offers accommodation in every class, for every budget and every taste. You will find a huge choice of Hotels, Guest Houses, Apartments and Bungalows. From inexpensive guest houses with bed and breakfast, intimate and cosy country lodges, to luxury accommodations at the 4-5 star hotels, in Dhaka.

Furnished Apartments

Apartments are becoming a popular choice for travelers these days especially those travelling in a large group or with family. In the recent years, many apartment complexes have been built and most are located around Dhaka. we have own Babylon Garden full furnished apartments is the best choice for both Business customers or holiday makers as it is All-in-One stop for a Traveller/ Expatriate/ Business persons.


From budget accommodation to 5-star resorts...... you can find it all here in Bangladesh or worldwide. Most hotels are located in Gulshan, Banani or Baridhara area as it is the most secured place for foreigners in Bangladesh. Consider Babylon if you are looking for a Deluxe Room with wifi/ Air Conditioning and all other services are available on request.

Chalets & Guest Houses

There are a number of Chalets, Lodges & Guest House's that can be found in Dhaka. Some have been converted to a luxury boutique like the Babylon Garden Furnished Rooms & Apartments.

Our Vehicle

Babylon Vehicle Rental & Cab Service

Babylon has a wide range of vehicle to choose from with affordable price and drived by professional drivers. From Car, Jeep to Microbus or Van are included in our fleet of transportation...Details


Babylon Tours & Travels is itself a tool which runs on state of the art technology. We have tools to monitor each component of a travel plan. It increases the speed and efficiency with which BTT can communicate with the partners and also with the customers. The unique operating strategy and the choice of the suppliers will ensure the achievements what BTT intends to achieve.

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